Prototype of modern thermal curtains

The prototype of modern curtains can be found in primitive societies. The skin in the opening of the cave protected both from the cold, from the bad eye, and the bright light. Taking care of the beauty of the curtain appeared much later. And since the 18th century, the draping of the window has changed as often as the fashion for the dress. We tried everything from heavy tapestries to graceful porters, air flounces, lambrequins. And we found that the right curtain can be very, very much. For example, correct the architect’s mistakes. If the window is located low, you should strengthen the cornice as close to the ceiling as possible, there will be an illusion of height. Another option is a beautiful curtain and lambrequin with long dangling ends. This draws attention to the bottom of the window, thus hiding its insufficient height. Again, the top of the frame should not be visible. In case the window is too narrow, the blinds or curtains will be saved to the floor, covering the part of the sheet.
old thermal curtains
There are other tricks. To create the effect of a wider window, the grips and ties should be arranged as low as possible (approximately at the level of one-third of the height of the floor). On the contrary, if you place them high, the window will visually lengthen and narrow.

Sometimes when remodeling in one room there are several windows of different sizes and proportions. You can harmonize them using the same color and texture draping material.

And how many people know that curtains can improve appetite?! It has been proven that juicy red and orange tones positively affect a person’s desire to eat, as well as increase muscle tone, activate his activity. The lush bright curtain in freestyle or country, that’s what you need for the dining room.
classic thermal curtains
However, if the hostess is forced to constantly sit on diets, suffers from increased blood pressure or just her windows overlook the sunny side, red thermal curtains are better to prefer brown or rich beige.

Skillful draping of the window can emphasize the intimacy, intimacy of the environment, contribute to complete relaxation, or, on the contrary, create a business mood, as well as accentuate the beautiful view, opening from the window. Lambrequins, brushes, transparent tulle this material, which will make a dewy frame for the landscape outside the window. The whole room will benefit.

You can, on the contrary, hide the gloomy landscape. Light translucent curtains are required for this purpose.
modern thermal curtains
If necessary, the curtains will protect against excessive sun or, on the contrary, visually sat around the room with light. For example, if the window of the room goes south, and in the warm season finishes bright light and overheating of the room, it is necessary to combine dense thermal curtains on the lining with blinds or lifting curtains.

The curtains can even change the microclimate. Heavy curtains on the lining, duplication of the main drapery by Roman curtains are ways to protect the room from wind and cold.